Po’ Boy! (2017)


PO BOY! (2017)
Fourteen Contemporary Studio Jewelers were invited to show their cohesive bodies of limited production jewelry during the 2017 Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference in New Orleans, LA. Jewelers were selected based on their use of unexpected materials and the process that each artist used to create precious contemporary jewelry with those common materials.  The exhibition idea was based on the iconic New Orleans Po Boy Sandwich that was originally created from spare bits of meat and served to street car workers in the 1920s and became famous.
Participating Artists: Georgina Trevino, Maia Leppo, Lindsay Locatelli, Sophia Hu, Melissa Broek, Sandra Salaices, Tyler Stoll, Louise Perrone, Jillian Moore, Tammy McLennan, Alison Bailey, Linda Savineau, Mike Ruta, Sarah Holden